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Why you should avoid Halloween candies

halloween-candyWhat we eat and drink affects our oral health. Eating sticky foods should be avoided as much as possible. Soft sweets, chocolate and candies, pop corns and other foods and snacks that are likely to stick on our teeth cause decay in the teeth. Sticky foods feed the disease causing bacteria, plaque.

Therefore Halloween candies are a threat to our oral health. They are sugary and the most common source of plaque. Plaque is the resultant by product of bacteria formed on the teeth. Sugar feeds the bacteria which causes tooth decay.

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Dental Veneers Care & Maintenance

Las Vegas Dental Veneer Maintenance and CareDental veneers often involve special maintenance and care to keep them looking their best. There are numerous do’s and don’ts that are associated with having dental veneers.

At Preferred Family Dentistry, a patient with porcelain or composite veneers should avoid power polishing, pumice polishing, acidulated fluoride treatments and ultrasonic scalers.

These procedures can damage the aesthetics of the veneers and in some cases make the tooth more susceptible to recurrent decay. To maintain the luster of the veneers it is recommended the patient see our dentist or hygienist who specializes in veneers to polish the dental veneers and the critical bond area twice a year.

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Common Questions About Dental Veneers

Many of our patients at Preferred Family Dentistry often inquire about the use, cost and maintenance of Dental Veneers. Our Las Vegas dentist, Dr. Jafarifar answered these questions below.

Dental Veneers Explained

What is a veneer and what is it used for?
A dental veneer is a porcelain covering that is usually placed on the front teeth to improve the esthetics. If there are any broken corners or gaps between your teeth or if you are not happy with the shade or shape of your teeth in any way a veneer can be used to mask the problem.

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Root Canal Common Questions

Root canal is actually a space within a tooth. It consists of a pulp chamber and one or more canals within the roots of the tooth. The nerves and other anatomical structures such as blood vessels are cased within the root canals.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is also known as Endodontic Therapy. It is one of the major surgeries in the field of endodontics.

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Common Questions About Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is the term used for the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Visit our Las Vegas Dental Office if you’re in need of a tooth extraction.

When do I need to have my tooth extracted?
If your tooth has been in pain for a long time and has severely decayed and broken down it is not possible to save it at this time. An extraction is needed. Most times a tooth with pain can be saved with a root canal therapy if it is still intact. If finances are an issue then you might have to consider an extraction in order to become pain free.

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Common Questions About Dentures

As you may have already read on the Dentures Las Vegas page, dentures are prostheses that fill in the place of missing teeth. They can replace just a few teeth in which case they are called partial dentures or replace the whole dentition which is called a full or complete denture.

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