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Baby’s Breath

Dr-Salmeh-Jafarifar-Las-Vegas-Dentist-Babys-BreathEverybody loves babies. They are cute, cuddly, kissable, soft, warm, and adorable. Accept for the occasional dirty diaper, babies seem to have no body odor. That includes mouth odor. Some people even think that their breath smells sweet.

Why do babies have such fresh breath? Can babies get halitosis?

Babies can have halitosis and other oral issues, but they are far less likely to get them than adults. Halitosis in babies does not usually result from the food that they consume such as milk. This condition is usually caused by illness or dry mouth.

According to The Baby Center, “Thrush, oral bacteria buildup, or an object lodged in the nose can cause bad breath in babies.” Because babies love to stick things into their mouths, they can also pick up pathogens in this way which could lead to oral issues.

Why is Their Breath So Fresh?

  1. Because babies have few or no teeth, their breath is naturally fresher than adults. Teeth can decay, have plaque and tartar buildup, and trap decaying food particles. All of these things contribute to bad breath.
  2. Babies also tend to drool a lot. They have a lot more saliva than adults. The excess saliva protects their breath and their mouth. Saliva limits the growth of bacteria. That is why people who suffer from Xerostomia or dry mouth often complain of halitosis. Professional breath fresheners stimulate saliva production.
  3. For babies who are breast fed, immune cells found in breast milk called phagocytes break down bacteria that can cause halitosis.

Although it is possible for babies to have bad breath, it is extremely rare.