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Understanding the Root Canal Procedure

Root canal is a dental treatment which saves a badly infected or decayed tooth by repairing it. A root canal becomes necessary when a nerve or the pulp of the tooth is infected.

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Periodontal Disease and Treatment

Periodontal disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in the mouth. It involves the gums and the underlying bone. The bacteria in the dental plaque and their by products cause damage to the gums and bone. This infection under the gums with time can lead to severe disease and damage.

The result of this destruction is bone loss and loss of attachment of the gums to the teeth. The gums become loose, puffy, red and easily bleed. If your gums bleed easily with brushing it could be a sign of periodontal disease. Sometimes you can see brown or black spots on the teeth or under the gum line. This is called calculus.

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Las Vegas Smile Restoration and Cosmetic Dentist

Smile Restoration

Las Vegas Smile Restoration and Cosmetic DentistIndividuals are constantly searching for that perfect smile. The smile line usually consists of the upper and lower front six teeth, from canine to canine. In some the smile line can be wider due to showing more teeth when they smile. There are several ways of improving the smile line.

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Why do my dentures…?

Dentures are very helpful after a severe teeth loss, however, a low quality denture will create more problems that it can solve.

Our Las Vegas Dentist specializes in perfect fitting dentures for our patients. If you have problems with your current dentures, they hurt or are loose, read here some reasons why they might do that.

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What to do for bad breath

What to do for bad breath Preferred Family Dentistry Las VegasBad breath is a condition that causes discomfort and a decrease of self-esteem in many lives. People become withdrawn from society and begin to distance themselves from people and opportunities that could bring complete happiness in life.

Studies of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association show that more than 35 million Americans are faced with bad breath. In spite of what many believe, there are effective methods to help freshen the breath and to help maintain that freshness daily.

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Piercing and Oral Health

Preferred Family Dentistry Las Vegas Piercing and Oral HealthThe California Dental Association has recently issued a warning to people who might be thinking about getting an oral piercing.

According to this agency, these piercings pose a number of different health risks to people that get them. They may not realize it now, but their oral health is a major consideration that they can keep in mind. If they want to avoid expensive and painful trips to the dentist, then they should heed this warning.

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