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Common Dental Restorative Dentistry Procedures used by General Dentists

If a case is particularly complicated and out of the area of expertise of a general dentist, he/she will recommend you to a specialized dentist who will be able to treat your case more competently. However, all general dentists have the ability and experience to conduct some of the most common dental procedures.

Common Dental Restorative Dentistry Procedures

Some of the techniques used in restorative procedures often fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry because modern dental restorative procedures are designed to give a natural look. However, there will be a difference in quality in the results of a cosmetic dental procedure performed by a general dentist and one performed by a cosmetic dentist. Therefore, if you wish to have a cosmetic dental procedure done, it is best to go to cosmetic dentist. Here is a list of common dental restorative procedures performed by general dentists:

  1. Esthetic Fillings – the procedure of esthetic fillings has seen a lot of advancements in terms of the techniques and filling materials used. With the accurate placements of modern composites, it is now possible to fashion a tooth that is closest to its original durability and strength. The amalgam fillings have been replaced by modern composites, which are created by a plastic that fuses with the tooth on a micromechanical level and holds it together.
  2. Bridge and Crown Work – A bridge is a natural looking dental prosthetic that is anchored to the surrounding teeth to replace the extracted or replaced tooth. While, a dental crown is like a tooth shaped cap which is slid onto the damaged tooth to mend its strength, size and shape. The crown is then cemented into place to completely cover the damaged tooth. Bridges and crowns are created using semiprecious materials such as titanium and porcelain. The dentist uses the material that best suits the patient’s teeth.
  3. Cosmetic Dentures – dentures are a common restorative dental prosthetic used to artificially replace a patient’s several missing teeth, usually used for older patients who have lost most of their teeth due to age. Dentures used for replicating only a few missing teeth are called partial dentures. Dentures help to protect the remaining teeth by sharing the stress of chewing that would fall solely onto the remaining natural teeth, which would quickly deteriorate otherwise. Dentures also help prevent the face from sagging caused by the loss of natural teeth.
  4. Air Abrasion Dentistry – this technology uses powdered aluminum oxide, combined with high air pressure, to remove small cavities present in the teeth, thus eliminating the need for using needles and anesthetics. The procedure is then followed up by a tooth filling, if needed. This modern procedure helps in preserving the healthy enamel of the tooth.

As technology advances, dental techniques and procedures advance as well, which is why if you are in need of a dental restorative procedure, it would be highly advised to confer with your family or general dentist to advise you about the procedure that would suit your case best.