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Common Questions About Dentures

As you may have already read on the Dentures Las Vegas page, dentures are prostheses that fill in the place of missing teeth. They can replace just a few teeth in which case they are called partial dentures or replace the whole dentition which is called a full or complete denture.

Why choose Dentures

If you are missing a few or all of your teeth you are a good candidate for dentures. If you are in pain due to having teeth that are hopeless, and are in need of removal, then a denture can be made to replace those teeth after they have been extracted.

Dentures are the least invasive treatment to fill in the space of missing teeth. There are rare cases where you are in need of bone shaping before the construction of the dentures for better fit.

Usually the process is very easy and painless. If you are having severe bone loss sometimes implants are recommended to facilitate the dentures to stay fixed in your mouth. Dentures will help you eat and maintain a healthy diet.
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Dentures Process

The process is quite simple. Once the hopeless teeth have been removed and the extraction sites have healed our dentist will start the denture making.

The first step is taking impressions of your jaw bone and any remaining teeth (in case of a partial denture).

Dr. Jafarifar will work closely with the lab to make your dentures. 3-5 short appointments are needed to complete the dentures depending on the method utilized by the dentist and your dentition.

During these appointments your bite will be evaluated, the desired teeth will be chosen and the dentures will be fitted. Once all aspects of the denture have been approved by our dentist and you, the denture will be sent to the lab for finalization.

Why do my dentures hurt?

Constructing a a good denture requires skill.

There are a number of reasons you might be hurt after new dentures. You might require more time to heal your tissues or they might be constructed wrong.

If you’re in pain with your new dentures, visit us for a 2nd opinion.

How to care for your dentures?

Your denture is very important to you so always make sure you remember where you place it. Many times people wrap their dentures in tissue and they lose it with the trash. If you have pets, be aware that they love chewing on your dentures.

You can remove your dentures after meals to rinse off and at night you can remove them and place them in water or Polident.

Brush your denture teeth everyday to keep clean of tartar. You can have your dentures cleaned at your dental office periodically with an ultrasonic machine.

Dentist visits

After you get your dentures fitted for the first time you are required to return for adjustments in 24 hrs. The reason for this is to get you as comfortable as possible right away.

You will be asked to keep the dentures in for 24 hrs without taking them out even if it hurts you. Keeping the dentures in for 24 hrs will create sore spots which will help our dentist locate the problem areas.

After this appointment you may visit our dentist as much as you need for any adjustments. Once you are comfortable with your dentures you will be seen every 6 months for checkups.

Dentures Repairs

Dentures are prone to fractures since they are made of acrylic and plastic teeth.

The teeth may break or come out of the base of the denture or the base of the denture might crack due to trauma or poor denture making methods. Either way they can be fixed.

Dr. jafarifar will determine if the denture is repairable or just too old and in need of replacement. A lab will be utilized for most denture repairs.

Dentures cost

The cost of the denture varies from one dental clinic to another.

High quality dentures are more reliable and will last you longer, hence the cost of them will be higher.

Book an appointment with Dr. J for a check-up and an estimate on the dentures that are best for you. Dentures can be upgraded in which case they can be very costly.

An upgraded denture is made with the highest grade material and teeth and a high end laboratory will be utilized to make these dentures. You will be very happy with the result if you choose to upgrade your dentures.

Dentures side effects

Normally there are minimal problems with dentures.

Some sore spots are very normal initially and can be easily treated by adjusting the dentures and applying anesthetic gels for the pain. Ill fitting dentures though can cause irritation to the oral tissues and in severe cases cause tissues to overgrow.

This is why it is important to visit our dentist periodically to check for any problems that may exist.