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Root Canal Common Questions

Root canal is actually a space within a tooth. It consists of a pulp chamber and one or more canals within the roots of the tooth. The nerves and other anatomical structures such as blood vessels are cased within the root canals.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is also known as Endodontic Therapy. It is one of the major surgeries in the field of endodontics.

Root Canal therapy is the treatment of the infected pulp chamber and the nerve canals within the tooth with the help of special instruments and devices. During this procedure the infected nerve tissue is being removed from the nerve chamber and canals.

Once this has been accomplished the canals will be irrigated and filled with a special filler material called gutta purcha. Along with this a eugenol-based cement is used to complete the dental filling.

Root Canal Symptoms

A root canal therapy may be necessary if you are having severe constant pain with or without any swelling. If the pain wakes you up in the middle of the night it is a good indication that you may need a root canal therapy.

If the pain has been present for a while and you have ignored it is a good indication that you need this procedure. If you have sensitivity to hot or cold foods and to chewing you may need a root canal therapy.

It is important to visit our Las Vegas Dental Office soon after you notice any problems so that a root canal therapy can be prevented if possible.

If there is any infection you might have a swollen cheek. A dental exam at our Dental Office will be needed to determine if a tooth is in need of a root canal therapy or if it is hopeless and is in need of an tooth extraction. Other tests can be performed by your dentist to determine the vitality of your tooth and make the final judgment for a root canal therapy.

Root Canal Recovery

Recovery after a root canal therapy depends on the severity of the infection and pain. After the treatment at Preferred Family Dentistry, you should feel much better since the source of the pain has been removed.

Some post-op pain for a few days is normal after a root canal therapy and pain medications will help alleviate this pain. If our dentist, Dr. Jafarifar recommends antibiotics make sure you take the full dosage.

Root Canal Precautions

You should avoid chewing hard foods on a tooth with a root canal therapy. The tooth becomes very brittle after a root canal therapy and can easily fracture. Until the final restoration such as a crown has been placed you should be very gentle on that tooth.

When can I eat and drink after Root Canal Therapy?
You can start eating soft foods on the day of the Root Canal Therapy. You must take care not to put force on the tooth which has undergone treatment to prevent any fractures in the tooth.

What are the possible side effects of a Root Canal Therapy?
After a root canal therapy the tooth becomes very fragile and can break. This is why it is important to complete the restoration with a dental crown to protect the tooth. Some post-op pain is normal after treatment and pain medications can be used to help.

What are the risks involved with a root canal therapy?
One of the most common risks during a root canal therapy is fracturing the file that is used to clean the canals inside the tooth. Sometimes it is easy to remove the broken file and sometimes you may be referred to an endodontist (specialist) to have the broken file removed and to finish the treatment. Another risk is a perforation. A perforation means that during the procedure the files can perforate the tooth and create a hole. In this case special materials are used to seal the hole.

Root Canal Price

In order to have an estimated fee for a root canal therapy you need to book an appointment with Dr. Salmeh Jafarifar for a free checkup and consultation. Many times you may believe that a root canal therapy is needed while in reality that may not be true.

To make sure you need to visit us first.

Preferred Family Dentistry is determined to provide the highest quality of services with competitive prices for their patients. Simply contact our dental office and schedule your appointment.