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Common Questions About Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is the term used for the removal of a tooth from its socket in the jaw bone. Visit our Las Vegas Dental Office if you’re in need of a tooth extraction.

When do I need to have my tooth extracted?
If your tooth has been in pain for a long time and has severely decayed and broken down it is not possible to save it at this time. An extraction is needed. Most times a tooth with pain can be saved with a root canal therapy if it is still intact. If finances are an issue then you might have to consider an extraction in order to become pain free.

Also if the tooth has severe bone loss and periodontal disease and is infected it cannot be saved and is in need of an extraction.

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Why am I still having pain if my tooth has been extracted?
After an extraction it is normal to have some minor pain which will subside with pain medications. If you are experiencing severe pain you might have a dry socket and you need to visit our Las Vegas Dentist to get treated.

What is a dry socket and how do I treat it?
After an extraction if you don’t follow the instructions given to you, such as not smoking, you will create a dry socket. The blood flow to the socket is necessary for proper healing and without this your socket will not heal and you will experience severe pain.

You will need to visit Dr. Jafarifar to clean the socket and place medicine inside the socket for healing. This is why you must follow the directions given to you.

How can I control the bleeding after my tooth extraction?
You will be given some extra sterile gauze to take home with you after your procedure. You can replace the dressing after ½ hr and if not bleeding anymore you can remove it or place a fresh one if still bleeding.

Some oozing is normal after an extraction but if the bleeding continues the next day or two you must visit our dental office for further instructions.

Can I use mouth wash right after tooth extraction?
You will be instructed to use warm salt water as a rinse after your extraction. Make sure that when you swish the salt water that you don’t spit it out since this will cause the blood clot to dislodge from the socket and create a dry socket. You must let the rinse flow out of your mouth without any suction.

When do I need to extract my wisdom teeth?
If your wisdom teeth are hurting that is a good indication to have them removed. Sometimes the wisdom teeth do not have enough room to erupt and this causes impaction of the wisdom tooth inside the jaw bone.

This impaction may or may not cause problems for you. Your dentist will evaluate your teeth and let you know if an extraction is necessary or not. Another reason to have your wisdom teeth removed is oral hygiene. If you cannot reach your wisdom teeth properly to clean them they will cause periodontal disease which can affect the adjacent teeth.

Can I keep my wisdom teeth?
You certainly can keep your wisdom teeth if they are not causing any issues for you. If they are impacted and not causing you any pain and they are not impinging on the nearby teeth then you may keep your wisdom teeth. If they have erupted and you are using them to chew and you can properly clean and maintain them then you can keep your wisdom teeth.

What do I need to do immediately after my tooth extraction?
The following instructions will be given to you the same day of your extraction
• Place gauze on the extraction site and bite down with pressure to stop the bleeding
• Do not take any aspirin containing medication for 2-3 days. If you are on any blood thinners you need to get directions from your physician. Your physician may recommend stopping your blood thinner a few days before and after the extraction.
• Do not smoke for at least 3 days after your extraction
• No spitting
• No straws when drinking liquids
• Do not touch the extraction site with your tongue
• Soft foods only for a few days after the extraction
• Avoid spicy and hot foods
• Cold foods such as ice cream is recommended

Can I brush after a tooth extraction?
Yes you may brush your teeth but avoid the extraction site for a few days.

When can I start smoking after a tooth extraction?
It is advised to stop smoking for 3-4 days after the extraction to avoid a dry socket.

What is a bone graft and do I need it after a tooth extraction?
After and extraction you are left with a hollow area in the jaw bone. It is advisable to have a bone graft placed in the tooth socket to help keep this area intact and to preserve the bone for future treatments such as an dental implant.