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Teeth Whitening

Wouldn’t you love to have white teeth again?

With time, our teeth get stained and pick up the color of different foods, smoke, coffee, wine and etc. Some of us are even born with darker shades of teeth. So what can be done to restore the color of your teeth?

There are several options our Las Vegas Dentist can offer to teeth whitening your teeth:

  • The least invasive method is the use of toothpastes for teeth whitening. There are many tooth pastes in the market today that have teeth whitening affects. This option is mostly recommended to people with very sensitive teeth that cannot tolerate other more invasive teeth whitening methods
  • teeth whitening strips and pens are also available in the market. These work well for touching up after professional teeth whitening is done.
  • The use of teeth whitening gels in combination with a custom tray that is made to fit over your teeth. This option works well for gradually whitening your teeth at home.

How does this work?

On your first appointment with us impressions of your teeth will be taken in order to construct custom fit bleaching treys. On your second appointment you will be given the trays along with whitening gel and instructions.

You simply place the trays filled with gel over your teeth for the required time (depending on the strength of the gel) and continue doing so every day until you reach your desired white shade. There might be some sensitivity associated with this method but it is temporary and the use of Sensodyne toothpaste helps alleviate this.

In-office teeth whitening. This method is the most effective way of whitening your teeth. The use of professional strength teeth whitening gel with the combination of a UV light makes this method the fastest possible way to achieve your goals. Depending on the shade of your teeth you may or may not see a drastic change but your teeth will get as white as they possibly can with this option.

Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

This method is the fastest way of whitening your teeth. The time required in the dental chair for this procedure is about one hour. Initially your teeth will be cleaned of any tartar or plaque.

After careful blocking of all your tissues (lips/tongue/gums…) using special material, the teeth whitening gel will be placed over your teeth and the light will be placed over your mouth directly hitting the gel in order to accelerate the process of bleaching. This will be repeated 3 times, each time for 15 minutes.

There are several different types of light in the market but they work similarly. Some are more affective then others. Some pain or sensitivity may be associated with this method but it is temporary and our dentist will give you all the necessary instructions if needed.

This method is not usually recommended to people with sensitive teeth but just because you have sensitive teeth doesn’t mean that you cannot do this procedure. Dr. Jafarifar can give you some instructions prior to the procedure to get your teeth ready for teeth whitening in the office.

It is required that a certified dentist performs the in-office procedure. Many times we hear about stories that patients teeth were not whitened after spending time and money for the in-office teeth whitening and left the dental office unhappy. This is probably due to not getting the procedure done properly.

This is why it is important to do research before you have the procedure done to make sure you are in good hands.

Dr. Jafarifar is the only person in her Las Vegas dental office that performs this procedure. She takes time to give you all the instructions and her staff is highly trained to help you reach your goal of teeth whitening.

The outcome of this procedure is extremely important to Dr. Jafarifar and this is why every patient that does this procedure will leave with a free teeth whitening kit. We want to make sure that you have all the tools to touch up your teeth in the future so you can keep your white smile as long as possible.

Because we take our time preparing your teeth and also making your custom trays, this procedure takes between 1 ½ -2 hours of time to be completed. Keep in mind that everything you eat or drink will stain your teeth and keeping your white teeth is an ongoing process.

Since doing the in-office procedure is more invasive than the other methods it is not recommended to be done often, therefore touch ups are always necessary for your white smile to continuously shine.