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Dental Exam

Dental Exam Las Vegas. Preferred Family Dentistry Las Vegas.

Dental Exam Las Vegas

Dental examinations are important because they prevent and detect dental problems before they can develop into more serious and expensive issues. Exams are recommended every six months. Dental exams are preformed by Las Vegas Dentist Dr. Salmeh Jafarifar and are usually accompanied by dental cleanings with a dental hygienist.

Your health history and current medications will be reviewed. This time will be used to examine and educate you on ways to improve your oral health. If further treatment is needed, a treatment plan will be compiled and presented.

Dr. Jafarifar will evaluate the following:

  • Occlusion (Bite)
  • Decay
  • Gums
  • Oral Hygiene

  • Existing Restorations
  • Existing Prosthetic Devices
  • Recession and Sensitivity
  • Excessive Wear

Periodic Dental Exam

Periodically, Dr. J will need to view dental radiographs to see areas that are not visible in the mouth. These radiographs are safe, and are necessary for a thorough assessment. Other areas that will be examined are your temporomandibular joint, soft tissues, face, neck, and mouth.

If you are missing teeth, our Dentist will inform you of ways to replace them. These include dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, and partials. If there are things about your smile that you would like to change such as tooth alignment or cosmetic issues, these can also be discussed. Services that correct cosmetic issues include Invisalign, dental veneers, dental crowns, and teeth whitening.

Denture wearers also need periodic dental examinations. Over time, the bone and tissue can resorb resulting in a loose fitting denture that can lead to pain. During the visit, Dr. Jafarifar will evaluate the fit, stability, and functions of the dentures. She will also check for oral cancer and other lesions.

Dental evaluations are important for the entire family. Bringing children in for regular cleanings and examinations can help them to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime. To maintain the health of your mouth, schedule periodic exams at Las Vegas Preferred Family Dentistry.