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Healthy Teeth & A Beautiful Smile

Preferred-Famlity-Denistry-Las-Vegas-Beautiful-SmaileThere is absolutely no doubt about the fact that one’s happiness and well-being is strongly dependent on their health. There are many steps for an individual to take to ensure that they are reaching their optimal potentials of health.

One of the most determinant factors of one’s health has to do with the conditions of their oral hygiene. Properly conducting regular oral hygiene practices can not only result in the individual living a very healthy and disease free life, but also live with a great amount of confidence.

As an individual constantly maintains their oral hygiene, they will have more comfort in speaking to others, smiling, and conducting any regular activity.

When someone doesn’t brush their teeth, they are knowingly carrying themselves with bad hygiene, which usually consists of halitosis (bad breath). Knowing this, the person may not feel comfortable or confident enough to socialize with others.

One of the most universally known emotions is smiling. Smiling enables people to feel comfortable around others, while sending a sign of friendliness and interest.

Therefore, it is important for the person to properly take care of their teeth to have the ability of flashing a healthy looking smile. Taking care of one’s teeth isn’t an activity that one should be negligent of. Failing to brush teeth can result in the person experiencing gum disease, gingivitis, chronic halitosis, and many other types of unhealthy symptoms.

Every person should make a plan to brush their teeth at least two to three times a day. One time for each meal is a good rule for brushing one’s teeth, as it keeps the oils and particles of food out of the mouth. As food particles linger around in the mouth, it will begin to rot and possibly infect the person’s mouth.

Therefore, it is a strong recommendation by dentists and health experts to floss at least once every day. If possible, the individual should floss after every meal to ensure that every bit is taken out from between their teeth.

The purpose of flossing is not just to remove the food particles that are stuck but also to remove the plaque layer that is filled with bacteria from the tooth surfaces where the brush can’t reach. Floss is the only instrument that can help us get between our teeth to clean those areas. Decay starts mostly between the teeth where we neglect to floss.

A very effective method of flossing is to floss after one has brushed their teeth. Flossing after brushing one’s teeth enables them to allow the fluoride particles to reach in between the teeth as well. As the fluoride makes its way between the teeth through flossing, every tooth is provided with an extra source of a refresher. Make sure to ask your dental professional how to floss properly to avoid damaging your gums and getting the best results.

We will be happy to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Please visit us and meet Dr. Jafarifar for a consult if you are experiencing chronic bad breath or bleeding gums in order to prevent more serious health problems.

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