Alveoloplasty refers to the shaping of bone using surgical methods. It is done if bony projections, sharp bony areas or undercuts are present that are not comfortable to the patient.

Many times during an extraction at our Las Vegas Dental Office, it is needed to have the surrounding bone shaped and smoothed to prevent sharp bony projections to develop in the future. Sometimes alveoloplasty is needed many months or years later after an extraction when the bony projections become a problem.

For example, when dentures are being constructed the bony parts may be in the way or cause pain and soreness due to rubbing on the denture.

Torus is a term used for bony areas in the jaw that are congenital. These are more rounded and protruded bony areas that are usually located on the palate or on the inside of the lower jaw bone on both sides of the tongue. They are painless and will only create problems if a denture is being placed in which case alveoloplasty will be needed to remove them.

In some cases alveoloplasty may be necessary to create a more esthetic smile. This is usually done in combination with gingivectomy (gum reshaping) and placement of dental crowns or dental veneers on the front teeth. This type of bone re-shaping is called crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is sometimes necessary around the back teeth before placing a crown to create proper physiologic space for the crown.

Alveoloplasty Las Vegas
Is your tongue constantly struggling with these bony parts in your mouth? If so our Las Vegas dentist can help you.


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