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Have you ever had an accident and knocked out a tooth? Has a dental crown or a dental filling fallen out? Have you ever had a throbbing toothache that lasted for several days? Have you noticed swollen and bleeding gums? You may need to meet with an emergency dentist at one of our Las Vegas Dental Office.

A dental emergency can include a tooth ache, swelling, broken filling or tooth, missing crown, broken or lost denture and etc.

The cause of a tooth ache can be decay that has grown into the nerve tissue and infected the nerve. Any kind of trauma can also cause tooth ache, such as biting into a fork or getting hit during sports.

Many times the pain is associated with impacted wisdom teeth. If you are experiencing swelling that is usually indication of an infection. A broken filling or tooth while eating is also very common. Your old crowns or bridges may come loose and come out as well.

This may be the result of poorly done restorations or functional habits that may loosen the cement holding the restoration.

The most important problem with having a dental emergency is obviously the debilitating pain that you may be experiencing. Also the aesthetic issue of a broken front tooth cannot be ignored. Swelling is the indicator for infection which can be very dangerous and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentist Las Vegas
If you are experiencing any of the above problems you need to see our emergency dentist as soon as possible. Dr. Jafarifar will not make you wait for an appointment if you are in pain. We will work hard to schedule you immediately to give you relief.

Dr. Jafarifar is an experienced and trusted emergency dentist in Las Vegas. She has treated hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people experiencing severe dental pain and anxiety. If you’re having pain, you owe it to yourself to trust Dr. J.

To relieve pain, a root canal or tooth extraction may be needed. If there is infection you will also need antibiotics.

If a tooth is broken it may or may not need to be extracted. Many times a tooth that is broken can be saved with a root canal or a dental crown. If your dental filling is missing you may just need to replace the filling to become pain free.

Dental Emergency Recovery
Recovery time for any emergency dental treatment depends on the severity of the problem. If an extraction or root canal was performed the relief is instant but you may experience some post operation discomfort which is completely normal for a few days.

If you follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Jafarifar you will be pain free in no time.

Tooth ache is debilitating and usually happens when you least expect it. At Preferred Family Dentistry, we understand this and will help you with your emergency tooth problem as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a severe tooth ache that does not subside with medication and if you are having swelling that is growing larger you need to see a dentist immediately.

A tooth infection can be potentially dangerous since it can spread and cause serious problems and in severe cases may lead to death. In this case you must visit a close by emergency room if you can’t reach an emergency dentist immediately, as you may need antibiotics.


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