Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is present in many foods and water. This mineral is essential in maintaining strong enamel.

The acid produced by the bacteria present in plaque causes damage and demineralization of the enamel on our teeth. That is why it is so important to reduce consumption of sweets and maintain good oral health to reduce these bacteria in the mouth.

Once the enamel is de-mineralized it is extremely susceptible to decay. Fluoride is the mineral that will help re-mineralize these weak areas of the enamel and prevent tooth decay.

Dr. J, at Las Vegas Preferred Family Dentistry recommends Fluoride treatment every 6 months for children. Most children’s tooth pastes also contain Fluoride which is essential in keeping their teeth healthy and strong. It is extremely important in children under the age of 6 to receive enough Fluoride since it will help strengthen the future permanent teeth.

Dental Fluoride comes in many different forms. The most common route of administration is tooth paste. If Dr. J recommends a higher concentration of Fluoride, a prescription toothpaste or mouth wash can be prescribed. Fluoride supplements are also available in the form of liquid or tablets that can be prescribed by our dentist. In our Las Vegas Dental Office, Fluoride treatments are also available for those with weaker enamel.

Fluoride is also used for sensitive teeth. If you have sensitivity that doesn’t go away with special sensitive tooth pastes, Dr. Jafarifar can apply a Fluoride Varnish to help relieve the sensitivity. Sometimes due to brushing too hard, we can create craters at the neck of our teeth close to the gum line. These areas can become very sensitive and even Fluoride cannot alleviate the problem. In these cases our dentist can place composite resin fillings to cover the sensitive areas.

Please feel free to call us for an appointment with Dr. Jafarifar in our Las Vegas office. You get the chance to discuss your concerns with Dr. J and if you have sensitive teeth or suffer from re-current tooth decay Dr. J will evaluate all your teeth and will choose the best treatment to alleviate the problem.


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