Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping refers to the removal or contouring of the gums. Many times it is necessary to remove excess gum tissue that has grown over teeth or in undesired areas. Some of the indications for gingivectomy are as follows:

  • Having braces for a long period of time causes gingivitis and over growth of the gums due to lack of good oral hygiene. Once the braces are removed it is recommended to have a dental exam with our Las Vegas general dentist to see if a gingivectomy is necessary to remove any of the excess gum tissue.
  • Certain medications cause severe growth of the gums over the teeth to the point that the teeth might be completely covered. In this case gingivectomy would help but it would be a temporary fix since the medication will cause the problem to recur.
  • Sometimes in the esthetic zone (front teeth) it is desired to remove gum tissue and shape it to a more desirable state. This is a good option to utilize in combination with dental veneers or dental crowns in order to achieve the best esthetic result or to simply lengthen your teeth if they are covered with too much gum.
  • During scaling and root planing gingivectomy is often needed to remove excess gums and to achieve healthy, hard, pink gums.
  • When your dentist is preparing your tooth for a crown or dental bridges removal of excess gum tissue is sometimes necessary for better visibility and accurate preparation of your tooth.
  • In the presence of severe periodontal disease your periodontist may recommend surgery of the gums or bone in which removal of excess gum tissue might be necessary.
  • Our wisdom teeth are often impacted or not erupted completely. In cases which the gums around the lower wisdom teeth are irritated and painful due to biting forces from the opposing wisdom teeth, removal of the excess tissue is necessary.

Gingivectomy is usually a simple procedure in which our dentist will numb the areas needed and will remove and shape your gums to the desired form using special instruments. This is a painless procedure with minimal post operative discomfort.



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