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Las Vegas Smile Restoration and Cosmetic Dentist

Smile Restoration

Las Vegas Smile Restoration and Cosmetic DentistIndividuals are constantly searching for that perfect smile. The smile line usually consists of the upper and lower front six teeth, from canine to canine. In some the smile line can be wider due to showing more teeth when they smile. There are several ways of improving the smile line.

Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures are the least invasive way of improving the smile. Sometimes the teeth are in perfect shape and health but have gray or yellowish shades. Also certain foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee and tea stain the teeth.

Smoking stains are also stubborn and don’t come off easily with brushing or even professional cleaning. In these cases a simple whitening procedure will completely transform the smile by brightening the teeth.

Dental Fillings and Bonding

These dental restorations are another way of improving the existing smile line. Sometimes, dental restorations such as dental fillings and bonding are a necessity to remove the decayed parts of the teeth, but also can be used to remove stained portions or fill in gaps, cracks or even buildup fractured pieces of teeth. This method of restoring the front teeth with tooth colored fillings is often called dental bondings and it requires a skilled dentist to make these bondings look as natural as possible and be functional as well. These dental bondings may require repair or polish and even replacement with time due to staining.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers at Las Vegas Preferred Family Dentistry are a more permanent option to get that perfect smile. Dental Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are cemented over the teeth to mask all the problems. In order to have natural looking veneers the teeth will need to have some reduction to compensate for the width of the dental veneers. With time veneers will not change color or stain, but they may break if proper dental care has not been taken. In this case repair or replacement is necessary. Check more Dental Veneers questions answered by our dentist.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are also a good permanent solution. Crowns are used mostly on teeth that have more severe issues such as decay, old large bondings and large fractures. Unlike dental veneers, dental crowns cover the entire tooth like a cap and therefore are usually stronger than veneers and last many years without need of replacement. On the front teeth where esthetics is important full porcelain crowns are used for a more natural look.

With all the above procedures and restorations maintenance is extremely important. Regular dental cleanings every six months is advised and proper home care is imperative.