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Dental Bone Graft

When a tooth is lost in many cases the bone in the area is also lost. Lack of bone in a tooth socket can cause many problems. To preserve this area it is necessary to replace the lost bone with new bone. This procedure is called a bone grafting or bone augmentation. Some of the problems that may arise if a bone graft is not done after an extraction is as follows:

  • The bone height and width can be lost and this can affect the facial symmetry. If this happens in the upper jaw it usually causes the cheek or lip to concave in and result in a completely different appearance.
  • To place an implant sufficient bone is needed for better healing and attachment to result a stable long lasting implant. If a bone graft is not done prior to an implant, the implant may be placed in an area of thin weak bone and result in a loose implant that will fail eventually.
  • If dental bridges or partial dentures are being placed in the area of the missing teeth then loss of bone will create a hollow area that will not look esthetically pleasing when the bridge or partial is being placed.

There are many types of bone grafts in the market that are very safe and biocompatible. You have the option of choosing the type of bone graft you are receiving. There are bone graft materials that are synthetic or some that are derived from a cadaver.

Either way you will be told which type of bone graft you will be receiving by our Las Vegas Dentist.  In some cases where an implant is being placed to replace a front tooth, if the bone is severely lost, a block of bone is needed to replace the lost bone. In this case the bone will be removed from a different part of the body and grafted to the site.