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Dental Crowns

Our teeth are made of two sections. One is the root which is embedded within our jaw bone and the other part is the coronal part which is what we use to chew with.

Dental Crowns Las Vegas. Preferred Family Dentistry.

Reasons for Dental Crowns

During a check-up at Las Vegas Preferred Family Dentistry, if our dentist sees that you are in need of a dental crowns, that means that the coronal portion of the tooth has somehow become compromised and is in need of protection. A crown will give the tooth the protection it needs.


  • Fracturing large parts of the tooth while eating. This normally happens when the tooth is already decayed. In this case the tooth is weak and ready to break off with chewing. Often times you may experience that when you are eating parts of your tooth are breaking off even when you are eating soft foods. This is due to having the decayed parts of your tooth slowly chipping off. In this case see your dentist as soon as possible to prevent further fractures and possibly extraction of the tooth.
  • Large portions of the tooth has decayed but not yet broken. This case can only be diagnosed by our Las Vegas dentist before the tooth finally fractures off. This is why it is so important to visit our dentist regularly for checkups. Sometimes the decayed portion is so large that placing a dental filling is no longer adequate and acrown will be needed. If a dental filling is placed instead of a crown it is more likely to break off with function.
  • After getting a root canal therapy a crown is needed to protect the tooth from fracturing since the tooth is now very brittle. With a root canal the nerve and blood supply to the tooth has been removed and this causes the tooth to become easily breakable. This is why after a root canal is completed a crown is needed as soon as possible to protect the tooth from breaking, in which case tooth extraction will be necessary.
  • Trauma or accidents mostly affecting the front teeth can sometimes cause large fractures in the teeth. In these cases dental crowns are necessary to restore the affected teeth to their original shape.
  • Sometimes for cosmetic reasons we need to utilize dental crowns. Our smile line is very important to us and we are constantly aware of the way our teeth look in the front. The color, shape and position of the front teeth are all factors in which determine our smile line. Dental crowns may be needed to correct discrepancies or to correct discoloration. Most discolorations can be removed with proper cleaning and teeth whitening, but some deeper stains such as tetracycline stains are not always possible to remove with whitening. In this case the deeper stains can only be masked with dental crowns or  dental veneers. The position of the teeth are also important since the more severe discrepancies are in need of orthodontic treatment but in many cases the position of a tooth can be altered by using dental crowns to improve the esthetics.

Dental crowns are made of different materials. Some are made fully with porcelain which works well for the front teeth where esthetics is important. Some are made of a combination of metals and are coated with porcelain, these are called PFM crowns. Some are made of only metals such as gold or a combination of precious or non-precious metals.

You have the option to choose which type works well for you with the help and guidance of Dr. Jafarifar.

Dental Crowns Las Vegas

  • Dr. Jafarifar will start by anesthetizing the affected tooth.
  • After proper isolation of the tooth, for your comfort and safety, Dr. Jafarifar will prepare the tooth using a series of burs. The decayed portions of the tooth will be removed and replaced with a composite material, this step is called the crown buildup. Then the tooth will be reduced in size to make enough room for a crown to be cemented on. The different types of crown materials will be discussed so you can choose what works best for you.
  • After the preparation has been completed an impression of the tooth will be made which is used by the laboratory to construct your customized crown.
  • At the end of your appointment you will receive a temporary crown to protect your tooth while the final crown is being constructed. At this point you will be given the chance to choose the color of your future crown with the help of Dr. Jafarifar. In cases where the esthetics are extremely important, the lab technicians may need to choose custom shades to perfect your smile.
  • The lab usually needs about 2 weeks to finalize the crown.
  • The crown seating appointment is very short and simple. The temporary crown is simply removed and the final crown will be cemented on to your tooth. Some minor adjustments may be needed at this time to perfect the fit of the crown.

During this final appointment, you can examine the crown before it is cemented to ensure you are happy with the fit and the esthetics. If for any reason you are not happy with the result, the crown can be adjusted or re-made. Dr. Jafarifar takes pride in making perfect fitting dental crowns with perfect esthetics and will not place a crown if she or you are not completely satisfied and happy.