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Dentures and partial dentures made at Las Vegas Preferred Family Dentistry are unique. Our Las Vegas dentist works with one of the best laboratories in the country to construct your high quality dentures. We take time, evaluating your bite and choosing the proper teeth in order to achieve the best result.

A decade of experience, thousands of happy Las Vegas residents, and 5 Star Yelp, Yahoo and Demandforce ratings are the proof.

Dentures Las Vegas. Preferred Family Dentistry.


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Together with Dr. J you can choose the shape and color of your new teeth that would give you the confidence to smile again.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

It is extremely important to have properly made dentures to maximize the power of mastication, in other words make it easy to eat. With time the jaw bone shrinks and without having teeth the quality of life changes when you can’t chew your food properly.

Beside the esthetic issue of not having teeth, weight loss can also be a problem. This is why it is so important to have teeth that can improve the biting force and hence the quality of life.

Dentures must be strong enough to withstand the forces of bite, esthetic & natural looking, fit properly and have proper occlusion or bite.

Dentures Las Vegas – Preferred Family Dentistry

If you are a Las Vegas resident, a denture made by our Las Vegas Dentist takes five visits. You may have had your old denture made in just one or two appointments! If so, are you happy with the result? Did you have to go for several follow up appointments for adjustments and repairs? Are you still not happy with the dentures after all those visits to the dentist? Do your dentures feel like they don’t belong to you? Do your dentures hurt?

If this sounds familiar you might want to visit Dr. J at our Preferred Family Dentistry office for a consultation on a new set of dentures that are made to fit your mouth perfectly.

Tooth Loss

There are many reasons that can cause tooth loss. Some of these reasons include:

  • Severe decay in teeth that cannot be restored
  • Severe periodontal disease that causes bone loss around teeth
  • Accidents that can cause deep fractures in teeth
  • Infection
  • Sometimes due to financial difficulties a tooth that can be saved was elected to be extracted

So what can be done to restore your dentition back to a more functional state if you are missing all or some of your teeth?

There are many ways to restore missing teeth. At our Preferred Family Dentistry Las Vegas office, one of the most popular and common methods that our dentist is using, is the construction of a removal appliance called a denture or a partial denture. Plastic teeth are set in acrylic to create a prosthesis that fits comfortably, looks good and is functional as well.

A full denture is used when all the teeth in the dentition are missing or are in need of extraction. A partial denture is used when some of the teeth are missing but there are still strong teeth left in the dentition that can help stabilize a partial denture.

Full Denture

After extracting all the hopeless teeth, a time period for healing is needed (usually about 2 months). When your tissues are healed completely, you have to visit our Las Vegas Dental office where Dr. Jafarifar will evaluate your gum to determine if you are ready to start the dentures process.

The time needed to construct a full denture at Dr. Jafarifar’s Las Vegas office is about one month. Usually 4-5 short and easy appointments are needed to complete your denture. Each appointment takes about 10-30 minutes.

You will have the option to examine and change the fit or look of the teeth to your satisfaction before the denture is finalized.

Dentures Las Vegas. Preferred Family Dentistry.

If you feel that you cannot go without teeth for too long, the option of an immediate denture is also available. In this case usually the molar teeth (back teeth) are extracted first and are allowed to heal. After this initial healing, impressions for your denture will be taken and an immediate denture is made.

This denture is ready to be delivered once the front teeth are extracted so you are not without teeth for any period of time. With this method there will be more adjustment appointments to make the denture fit comfortably since your tissues will be shrinking as they heal with time.

Partial Denture

With a partial denture we utilize your remaining teeth to stabilize the prosthesis. Partial dentures grasp on your teeth and tissues for retention. The design of a partial denture will be customized to your teeth for the best possible fit and esthetics.

There are two types of partial dentures:

  • Partial denture with a metal framework. This type of partial denture uses a metal framework to case the acrylic and the teeth. It is very strong and works best when there are no back teeth.
  • Partial denture with no metal framework. This type of partial denture is made of a flexible resin material which is very durable and comfortable. It rests on the tissues and holds on to your existing teeth. It is more esthetic and natural looking since it has no metal parts.

The procedure is very similar to a full denture, a series of short 10-30 minute appointments starting with impression taking. You will have the option to change anything that you are not happy with before the partial denture is finalized. You will be given all the necessary instructions for maintaining your dentures at the final appointment.

Constructing a denture is an art. Dr. Jafarifar works closely with you and our skilled lab technicians in Las Vegas to create your beautiful smile.