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Root Canal

Proper oral hygiene can minimize dental problems, however, even then there is risk of tooth infections and damages. In a lifetime, most of us at least once will have a bad tooth problem. At Preferred Family Dentistry, Dr. Jafarifar will do her best to save a good tooth from being extracted, and that might often include performing a root canal procedure.

Most of dental procedures can be painful, this being one of the reasons people fear dentists. With years of experience, our patients can be confident Dr. Jafarifar will help you with your pain.  Dr J. is known throughout Las Vegas as one of the most gentle dentists around, and she can help lower your anxiety.

Don’t Fear Getting a Root Canal Any More!

Root Canal Procedure – How Does A Root Canal Work?

Often times you visit a dentist in Las Vegas and you hear the words “you need a root canal.” or maybe “endodontic therapy”. So what exactly is a root canal?

A root canal is often the only alternative to pulling a tooth. It is used to save your own natural tooth as opposed to having a tooth extraction, which in this case a dental bridge or dental implant will be needed to restore the missing tooth for proper functioning. A root canal means removing the injured or infected portion of the inner tooth, preventing it from sending pain signals through your aching nerves.

Obviously, once the inside of the tooth has been cleaned and the diseased part of the tooth has been removed by the root canal procedure, it is necessary to seal up the tooth again and make sure that it isn’t weakened over the long run.  Most of the time a root canal causes the nerve located inside the tooth to be removed, which means the tooth actually becomes more brittle and prone to break over time.  This means a simple dental filling simply won’t cut the mustard.  After a root canal it is almost always necessary to get a crown put on.  The dental crown protects the tooth and holds it firmly together, preventing further damage or injury.

The root canal procedure means your tooth is saved and can continue to work properly for decades to come.  It’s nothing to be afraid of and you’ll be glad you used Dr. J for your root canal in Las Vegas.

Root Canal Las Vegas. Preferred Family Dentistry.

Root Canal Treatment Causes

The most common reasons to treat a tooth with a root canal are as follows:

  • The tooth has a large decayed portion that has extended into the nerve chamber of the tooth and infected the nerve tissue, causing hot/cold sensitivity and pain.
  • The tooth has discolored due to trauma, in this case the tooth is usually not painful.
  • The tooth has an infection causing an abscess or swelling accompanied by pain. When the nerve becomes inflamed, pressure begins to build up, exerting pressure on the nerve of the tooth and the surrounding tissues. Pressure from inflammation can cause mild to extreme pain, depending upon the severity of the inflammation and the body’s response. This is called pulpitis.
  • Fractures that are deep into the nerve chamber
  • Sometimes periodontal disease (gum disease and bone disease) can initiate an infection within the nerve

Some of the symptoms of an inflamed nerve are hot/cold sensitivity and pain that can radiate to other teeth which is why it’s important to conduct appropriate tests to locate the source of the pain before any treatment is done.

Often times the patient cannot pin-point the tooth that is causing the pain and it is the dentist’s responsibility to locate the problematic tooth.

A tooth consists of one or more roots (which are positioned within the jaw bone) and a crown (which is the portion we use to chew). Inside the roots of the tooth there is a system of nerve canals which house the nerves and the blood supply to the tooth. When the tooth becomes painful usually it is an indication that the nerve of the tooth has become irritated or infected in which case root canal therapy is needed.


Root Canal Las Vegas

Our root canal dentist will inspect your troubled teeth and perform the procedure fast and as painless as possible.

  1. Dr. Jafarifar will anesthetize the tooth using local anesthetic
  2. The tooth will be isolated for your comfort and safety
  3. All decayed portions of the tooth will be removed
  4. The next step is to thoroughly clean and shape the nerve canals using a series of files
  5. During the procedure the canals will be irrigated to remove all infected nerve tissue
  6. After properly cleaning and shaping all the nerve canals, these canals will be filled with the appropriate material

This finalizes root canal therapy performed by Dr. Jafarifar in her Las Vegas dental office.

Sometimes a tooth has many curved or entangled nerve canals making root canal therapy a challenge, in these cases the patient will be referred to a trusted specialist – an endodontist – for proper treatment. Dr. Jafarifar always has your best interest in mind, even if that means handing you off to another experienced professional.

After root canal therapy, the tooth becomes very brittle and can break off during function. To protect the tooth from fracturing, a crown buildup and a dental crown will be needed to guard the tooth.

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