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What to do for bad breath

What to do for bad breath Preferred Family Dentistry Las VegasBad breath is a condition that causes discomfort and a decrease of self-esteem in many lives. People become withdrawn from society and begin to distance themselves from people and opportunities that could bring complete happiness in life.

Studies of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association show that more than 35 million Americans are faced with bad breath. In spite of what many believe, there are effective methods to help freshen the breath and to help maintain that freshness daily.

Toss the Tobacco
If bad breath is already an issue of concern, smoking and tobacco use will only worsen the issue.

The teeth, gums and tissues in the mouth become stained, damaged and discolored by smoking. Not only does it damage the mouth but the smell that smokes generates mixes with the bad breath odor and presents a more intolerable smell. There are OTC products and doctors who can help relieve the need to smoke.

Stay Away from Certain Foods
There are certain foods that will sour your breath and these foods should be avoided whenever possible. The primary culprits of this occurrence are onions and garlic.

The bad odor left behind by these foods can’t be brushed or rinsed away. The substances contained in these foods travel to the lung area and are expelled when you breathe. It is best to avoid these foods and others like them, primarily before or during social or business interactions.

Develop an Oral Health Routine
Plaque buildup is a primary cause of bad breath. The film that collects on the teeth and stays behind is a home for bacteria. There are leftover deposits of food that become trapped in the teeth that contribute to bad breath as well.

It is important to brush two to three times daily and floss at least once as well.

Treat Your Tongue
The tongue develops a coating that begins to smell foul if not properly removed. Use the toothbrush to gently clean the tongue and if necessary use a tongue scraper for the hard to reach areas. This helps to get rid of the bacteria that forms on the tongue and causes bad breath.

Rinse Well
Use anti-bacterial mouth rinses to get rid of plaque. Rinse with clean water after meals to remove loose food items that can become lodged in the teeth and cause bad breath.

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