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Why do my dentures…?

Dentures are very helpful after a severe teeth loss, however, a low quality denture will create more problems that it can solve.

Our Las Vegas Dentist specializes in perfect fitting dentures for our patients. If you have problems with your current dentures, they hurt or are loose, read here some reasons why they might do that.

Why do my dentures hurt?

Preferred Family Dentistry Las Vegas Why My DenturesYour dentures hurt most probably due to it rubbing on your tissues and causing sore spots. To relieve the pain you need to visit our dentist to adjust the spots on your denture that are causing the pain. You may need to do adjustments on your dentures a few times to get it perfect especially if your dentures are new.

Dentures make me gag

Your denture might make you gag if it’s too long in the back, hitting the soft palate. Another reason for gagging with dentures is if the denture is made too thick towards the back, this will cause your tongue to feel the thickness and cause the gagging sensation.

To relieve these problems with your dentures you need to visit our Dental Office for a Dental Exam of your denture and make appropriate adjustments for a better fit.

Dentures are loose

Your dentures may be loose if your jaw bone has insufficient height due to bone loss. If you have been in dentures for many years this is usually the case since without teeth the bone starts deteriorating.

With insufficient bone the dentures can be loose since they have minimal bone to hang on to for retention. In this case you may take advantage of dental implants to hold your dentures.

If you had recently a tooth extraction and have good bone height and are still having trouble with the fit you may need to visit our dentist to examine your denture and make adjustments or relines for a better fit.

Denture adhesives can help hold in loose dentures as well. In most cases a full upper denture has good retention and the problems are usually associated with lower full dentures. It is best to save 2-4 teeth on the lower jaw to hold a partial denture if possible or have 2-4 implants placed to help keep the lower denture in.

Why do my dentures keep breaking?

The quality of the dentures is extremely important in the durability of the denture.

The lab technician that constructs the denture must be a skilled professional with many years of experience to make a durable denture. Many factors play a role in the longevity of a denture.

Dr. Jafarifar and the lab must work closely together to fabricate a well made denture that doesn’t break. For example if the teeth are not set properly in the denture base it will result with bite problems and with certain functional movements, the denture will slowly fracture and eventually completely break in half.

Repairs can be done to small fractures but if the problem is the denture itself the fractures will happen again. It is best to have a new denture made that has been constructed properly to fit your mouth and can tolerate the forces of mastication. There are many types of dentures in the market with different price ranges. You might want to think twice about going for the least expensive denture in the market.

Constructing a denture is an art and Dr. Jafarifar works closely with you and our skilled lab technicians in Las Vegas to create a beautiful smile for you.